You can:

    Use the icons in an unlimited number of commercial or personal projects.
    Use the icons in an unlimited number of users for the applications, websites, or software you build that use the icons in them.
    Use the icons in any type of project: websites, client deliverables, and even logos.
    Use the icons for yourself or on behalf of a client. You can use the icons for an unlimited number of clients.
    Make a reasonable number of back-up copies for archival purposes for you alone. Copies should contain the same files originally included in the product download.
    Modify the icons in different ways, including shape, color, size, and/or file format, but this does not allow you to sell or license them by themselves.

You can't

    Resell, distribute, or transfer the icons to another party by themselves.
    Use more than 300 icons per project when embedding the icons within an application.
    Include the icons in items such as website templates (ThemeForest) or print-on demand products (CafePress) that are intended for resale.
    Allow anyone to make use of the icons who doesn’t belong to the same individual, business, or team that purchased the set.
Last modified 2yr ago
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