How do I use them in my website?

WiX has the best support for SVGs out of all the website platforms listed in this section. You can easily upload SVGs to your Media area and also quickly colorize them once you place them into your layout. Once you insert the SVG into your page layout, you can size, place, and change the color.

PNGs can be uploaded to the Media area as well and positioned and sized once you place them into the layout. The only thing you can’t do is change the color within WiX like you can with SVGs.
Here are a few related WiX articles that you may find helpful:

At the time of this writing, neither of these website platforms provide support for SVGs. We recommend that you use PNGs for the time being until they do.

For SquareSpace, you can add and insert images using the Image Blocks, Gallery Blocks, and Gallery pages as shown in their support article. For Weebly, you can drag and drop the file into the page layout. Or, you can add an Image Element to the layout and select “Upload Image”. You can learn more in Weebly’s support article.
Adding image in Squarespace
Adding image in Weebly

The WordPress theme you have installed usually controls the design, layout areas, and other options that will decide where you can insert icons. Like special areas in the WordPress admin where you can choose an image and have it show in the footer or homepage layout. If there aren’t special fields and areas built into the theme, you can always insert an image into the page content.

Uploading an SVG to your WordPress media library can be quick or require a few extra steps. It depends on your theme and hosting provider. At the time of this writing, WordPress doesn't support uploading SVGs unless you add a plugin. Once a plugin is installed for it, you upload an SVG to the Media Library like any other image. Many of the plugins will "sanitize" the SVG files when uploading. If they are too aggressive when doing that, it can sometimes break the display of SVGs in web browsers. Hostinger has a good overview article about using SVGs with WordPress and some plugins that can enable SVG uploading.
If you run into issues uploading an SVG, we recommend contacting your theme or hosting provider for help.

If you have issues with uploading SVGs, PNGs can be uploaded to the Media Library without any special steps. After uploading, you can insert them into the pages like JPGs or any other image file type.
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